Features & service

Common advantages

  • Booking and canceling the software monthly (minimum contract duration only starts if you choose a yearly, half-yearly or quarterly payment)
  • Cheaper than the competition. You find any cheaper product? Feel free to contact us.
  • Developed from bookers for bookers.
  • Multilingual interface. Use the same tool as your foreign work mates.
  • Different currencies.
  • No technical know-how required.
  • Access from all over the world. You only need some internet.
  • Responsive layout. Use it on all devices from smartphone to destktop.
  • Share everything with your team. No more dublicate work.
  • You are creating an archive automatically. This will improve your overview and working quality.
  • Automate the maximum of your recurring processes such as contract or invoice creation. Save some time and avoid mistakes.
  • In case of emergency we can do remote maintenance. No technical staff required in house.
  • Setting up the first contract or invoice template for free on demand by us
  • free updates!

Detailed feature list


Add data sets and manage them alone or with your work mates. Each data contains a version history so that you can see who change what and when. Create festivals, clubs, companies, addresses, persons, shows, tours, appointments, artists, members, files, contracts, invoices and tasks.

Manage clubs and festivals including their editions und handle the responsibilities of the bookers. Control the status of your event requests. Work with resubmissions and reminders to send all requests just in time.

Create an archive of all shows and benefit of the perfect overview. Manage the finance details of the show and all other details from the guestlist to the backline. Add show options, save dates or cancel shows.

Create tours with one or more artist. Assign shows to the tour, plan the seperate tour days and manage the show and tour finances. You will receive the tour plan in a list view, calendar view or on the map. The map also displays the travel route and the exclusivity of an artist to avoid possible conflicts. A document archive offers the possibility to add all tour related documents to one place.

A perfect overview of all your appointments. Shows, task deadlines, appointments or other for your relevant events. The calendar will be filled automatically of the system data so that you will miss nothing anymore. Filter the calendar to your needs and always receive a overview of the next days on one look.

Manage all your contacts and assign roles to them. These relations will generate a new point of view to create request strategies and avoid dublicate input.

Use the search function on any page to find what you are looking for in the datebase. Find contracts, events or contact data. Everything is searchable.

Manage tasks by creating, editing, assigning them to persons or controlling priorities. Filter the tasks by person or by its editing state. Overdue tasks will be displayed seperately so that you know what is to do immediatly. Use one system for everything so that you always keep the overview about all taks. By that possible controlling you will increase the productivity and avoid forgetting things.

Manage the artist groups and its members. Save all relevant data from a simple allergy up to the minimum fee. Receive an overview of all artists shows and appointments.

Manage addresses and companies and assign roles to them. These relations will generate a new point of view to to find what you are looking for and to to avoid dublicate input. On top you are receiving the possibility to display the data on maps by using the geo data.

Your are coming to the dashboard after logging in. There you can see everything what has happened and what is relevant for your work. Short time and long time. See the performance of your agency.

Create your own genre and priority structure and use them to benefit of genre matching on various positions in the interface. The priorities can control what is important or irrelevant. From task to the event. Each genre and priority contains an overview with all related data.

Accounting / back office

Create contracts in a few clicks based on the data in your archive. Use completely free styled templates in .docx format (Software: Word). After that you can generate contracts in your agency's look in just a few seconds. At the same time you are generating a archive of documents so that you will find everything you are searching for. No more endless searching or contract faults.

Because of the completely free style of your templates you can cover all kind of scenarios such as contract corrections or contract cancellations. We are working with placeholders and currently offer 107 different placeholders (13.12.2018).

New: setting up the first template for free by us on demand

Create invoices in a few clicks based on the data in your archive. Use completely free styled templates in .docx format (Software: Word). After that you can generate invoices in your agency's look in just a few seconds. At the same time you are generating a archive of documents so that you will find everything you are searching for. No more endless searching or invoice faults. The invoice positions are free choosable. From fee to production costs.

Because of the completely free style of your templates you can cover all kind of scenarios such as reversal invoice or credit notes. We are working with placeholders and currently offer 45 different placeholders (13.12.2018).

New: setting up the first template for free by us on demand

All documents generated via the interface, such as invoices and contracts, will be added to the database. Also you can add any of your own documents to the system. So an archive of documents will be generated automatically which helps you to find them easier.

On the invoice and contract overview pages you can see the contract state or wheter a invoice is paid. That saves you plenty of time and allows you to start further steps proceed your contract and invoice management. Also you can manage the invoice and contract per single show.

Tours consist of many single shows. The tour analysis allows you to collect all costs and earnings of the shows during the tour and assess it. The common tour costs and earnings will be collected as well and everything will be compared. At the end you will get the economical result of the tour.

Our system offers dozens of overview pages with status progress. Some examples are the dashboard which displays the amout of invoices, deals and contracts per week or the analysis of the show pages. Benefit from automatic income / cost calculations, pie charts, bar charts and curve diagrams.

Communication and interaction

Send and receive private messages. Communicate in a private way with your colleagues. You will receive a notification when receiving a message and that way you can discuss your matters directly on a short way while working in the system. Even if you are not sharing the office with each other.

You are able to comment most of the data sets. That way you can share additional information with your colleagues and communicate in public. Furthermore you have the possibility to leave some notes in many places in the system. That way you can write down whole call logs or histories.

Choose the persons of your team which are responsible for seperate festivals, clubs, tours, artists or shows. Responsible persons will receive notifications from the system when data is updated. Also they can filter the data by responsibilities so they can see what is still to do. Furthermore everyone can see who is responsible for what and that way forward requests to the right contact person.

Create tasks and assign them to people. Set observer and receive notifications. That way you will keep the perfect overview. Overdue tasks will be displayed in a seperate way and filter options will allow you to have a good overview over each team member. Inside the tasks you have the possibilies to communicate with each other and to share and discuss the tasks. By managing the task in giBoo you can remove the endless thoughts from you brain if you put them into the system and then you will never again have the chances to forget them. ;-)

If you have created a new database entry it is possible that your colleagues can edit it in general. For a beter controlling you have a edit log what has changed. The system controlos that only one person edits the same data. If a second person is trying it at the same time there will be a warning of a conflict. After the other person has finished its work you will be able to edit it again.


You can also work with colleagues in the same system who speak a diffrent language or have other currencies and time formats to handle. If you muss a region just contact us, no problem.

On the artist page you will find a tab which will display an automatic generated recommendation list of events which fit to the artist considering same budget expectations or when matching genres. Event pages work the same way and will display matching artist recommendations. This will open your mind and make you consider things which you would have not thought of yet.

You can export your database any time into a CSV file. This export contains address, contact person, company, appointment, club, festival and its edition.

Each person will get a user account so only this person can log in into that account by using the private user credentials. After logging in you will leave some traces in the system while working in it. That makes it possible to refer actions to one action and to make the action more comprehensible.

Our interface is ssl protected. We are doing regular backups and protect our system by using user policies and further software from bad external influences.

You got the option to add pre-build booking inquiry forms per artist or for all artists on external pages via iframe. The booking inquiry then appears in giBoo and the repsonsible booker will be informed about the new booking inquiry.

This functionality helps to get a perfect overview. You will be notified by a popup about system updates of your colleagues. Also you will find many positions of where urgent or overdue appointments and tasks are displayed.

In our system we are working with geo data and try to display them visiual in maps at many places. Many maps are also possible to filter so that you can find only hotels or airpots in the overall map for example. Also there are tour maps where you can see the travel route and exclusivity protection ranges of seperate shows.

Create as much user accounts for your colleagues as your rented plan allows. You can modify, de-/activate and manage them. Assign specific roles to them to give or reject permissions.

Possible features in future

Print pages in giBoo or export them into a PDF file. The data you can then perfectly use it for editing or to forward them to colleagues or your artists.

Currently you are receiving notifications only in giBoo. The next step is to receive the update notifications also via email.

Once the contract formalities are sorted, you can send the collected data in a automatic generated mail to your contractual partners to confirm the show and share information.

Who is from when till when in the office? Someone doing extra hours again? Who is ill and who is when and how long in holidays?

Send booking inquiries with the help of prepared request templates or totally individual to the correct contact person of the club or event. That way you will never again mix up promoters or events and will save yourself a lot of time.

Send a automatic newsletter to selected contact list from the system. Inform the world about new bands or tour offers.