THE software for every artist agency.

Organizing and coordinating projects can be easy with the right software. With giBoo we provide you with the perfect solution for your everyday challenges as an artist agency. Whether music agency, model agency or coach placement. It fits for all placement agencies not only for art and cultural. Try it for free HERE!

What we do is done right. Are you with us?

Grillion ideas offers professional software products based on totaled up 40 years IT knowledge. We combine our whole know-how to create great projects and implement user oriented ideas. The resulting products are filling gaps in very certain sections and support users in their daily business.

Why choosing us?

In the first place certainly because of the great product! Our products have a high quality. Furthermore we offer:


We do not let you down. We always have a solution!


Not one person is looking after you, a WHOLE team is looking after you!


Our systems have a very high availability and uptime.


We are working on a high level. Qualitiy management is no foreign word to us.

User friendly

The software is always setup in the point of view of the customer because the whole team is the customer!


We are creating our moudles in a way to extend and maintain them also in future without any problems.

Curios? Send us your questions and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our team

We are friends for over 10 years and ONE team. The same targets are boisting us and we are achieving what we are aiming for. Come and challenge us!

Robert Röttger picture
Robert Röttger
Ideas and programming

Beside programming, Robert is an experienced promoter of big music events and artist booker for duzens of bands. The 10 years IT know-how are refined by 5 years of leading different web projects.

Kristina Ebel picture
Kristina Ebel
Analysis and programming

Kristina is the contact person for any software specific requests and for realizing the functional modules in our team. Also Kristina is experienced in event section and is now programming the IT wold since almost 15 years. Switching from fair to the office chair if you like so.

Stephan Bogansky picture
Stephan Bogansky
Server and programming

Stephan is our administrator. He keeps our whole infrastructure in an excellent condition and also supports our projects by his programming know-how which he earned long term now. He is a certified eZ Publish developer trapped in the body of an allrounder.