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giBoo - structure your day!

giBoo was created for everyone who is dealing with artist bookings. Our benefit is it, to have the perfect booking know-how ourself since we are dealing with artists as well. So this software is from customers to customers. In giBoo you are managing your atists and all revelevant contacts as persons and companies. As more your feed the system with great data the more you are getting back from it by having automatic connections which are giving you a great overview and assist you to get new a new point of view on different things. Show and artist management has never been so easy.

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Replace you excel sheets and lists with a professional software

Modify the giBoo database together with your colleagues and create a great knowledge archive for your agency. Release yourself from old structures like endless text lists. Combine your data in one system now and use it from everywhere in the world. Event your foreign colleagues can use it since we support multi language usage.

The giBoo data will be processed automatically in the background and this prepares the information in a way that makes you save a lot of time and get a perfect overview instead of searching note whether a show is already paid. Avoid mistakes and save time! Our software will also try to automate recurring processes. So you can for example create contracts or invoices in seconds based on prepared templates. The greatest thing is, that you already got the data in the system and you dont need to search a second time for contract adresses or any other stuff. Entering data only once is our focus.

We are offering our high quality software for a very cheap market price. So give it a try. Also you can book our software monthly and cancel it right away if you like so (test case). You are only obliged to book it long term if you decide to pay it quarterly or yearly (= minimum contract duration) because you are getting a discount for it.

It's fantastic how quick you can find things in giBoo. I am amazed how much it saves, also in accounting. Excellent!

David Schäfer - endzeit music

Events, addresses, tours and appointments

Our system works with geo address data. That way we automatically get the position on a map. This functionality allows us to not only use tables or lists for an overview, it also allows us to provide exciting maps and calculations. Get supported by the system automatically on keep exclusivity agreements or find the best travel routes. Additionally you can find a detailed tour view for your tour plan.

Of course there is a calendar view of your data as well. That way you can plan everything whether a day off, a blocked show day or any artist holidays.

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